Universal Studios too?!!

Unfortunately for all you theme park-goers out there, Disneyland is not the only one to raise their prices:( Universal Studios has just raised their prices as well to a $5 dollar increase, making a day ticket now $120 bucks. This may not seem like much but these price hikes are expected to continue yearly so just imagine what we are going to be paying in ten years. (10,000 dollars most likely smh). In addition to Disneyland’s price hike, the cause of this is also due to spring break coming up so expect most theme parks and outdoor activities to increase in price as well. On the bright side, Universal has some pretty cool new attractions including the Despicable Me ride and the Fast and Furious supercharged ride, so hey! a five dollar increase might not be too bad after all.

P.S. A little money saving hint! Buy tickets online for Universal because the prices haven’t changed since last year. The listed prices only increase on HIGH DEMAND DAYS so if you avoid those days, your luck of saving money is better by purchasing online



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