Disneyland Update #happiestplace #morelikepriciestplace

For all those Disney loving people out there, all I have to say is that I hope spending a little extra dough doesn’t ruin your perception of “The happiest place on Earth.” Turns out Disneyland is raising their daily AND annual passes. *As if they weren’t unnecessarily expensive already* As of Sunday, Feb. 12th, single day tickets will raise about five dollars a day (depending on the day you go), and all annual passes/renewals will jump up roughly $10. Premier, signature plus, and signature passports are exempt from this action. On top of that, to add even better news to this posts, parking costs will get a nice price hike as well. All parking is said to increase but the lot closest to park will now costs $40 to park there. For the record, when I was little it was never more than $20 which is still incredibly expensive so I can’t even imagine paying $40 to have my car sit for hours on end. And for those asking , “Why are Disneyland’s prices increasing?!”, the reason for this spike, according to a Disney, is due to an increase in demand. AKA too many people are at the park, therefore it’s too crowded, therefore let’s jack up the price to hopefully reduce the number of people showing up, all while making more money. All I have to say is I hope everyone got their Disney fix in prior to Sunday because if not, good luck!


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