Tour Update

Recently I went on a tour of SoCal so I wanted to share my experience with you all. There are many tour companies that offer a comprehensive tour of the Los Angeles/OC area like Starline, LuxBus, etc, so it is important to do your research to find out which one works best for you. When on my tour bus, I discovered that many people who are not from America don’t even realize these tours exist. Many of them come looking for things to do in Anaheim (besides disneyland) or things to do in orange county (because most come for disneyland but then what do they do after?). Orange county may seem bland at times but if you honestly do your research so cal suprisingly has plenty to offer.  As I mentioned a while back, I went on a tour with AMG Tours & Coach and had a really pleasant experience. We stopped off at Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and my favorite THE GROVE (specifically for the farmers market where you get to choose from many different ethnic cuisines). I am a huge foodie so when doing my research looking for tours in Anaheim or tours in LA, it was important to me that I got to try something new which is what drew me to this specific tour company. This business also had 5 stars on trip advisor and good comments on yelp so overall I think that was the most important thing for me. Apps/websites that allow people to express their experiences are crucial because it gives you an insight of what that experience is truly going to be like. My advice always when researching something new is to read as many comments as possible. Ratings are very important as well but reading comments gives you a better insight of what that experience will be like, allowing you to see the pros and cons of that business. During one of the stops I had a chance to talk with the driver and I found out that the business was a family owned business which I personally liked. The owner seemed to be very close with all of his workers and the driver seemed to really enjoy his job and was very knowledgable about all the places we visited. I will post some pictures later from my tour experience for you all to see.


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