Disneyland News

If you haven’t been to Disneyland in a while, then you probably don’t know of the current updates throughout the park. The lower level of the old Innoventions building is now the Star Wars Launch Bay and the building was renamed Tomorrowland Expo Center. In addition, Space Mountain is now called Hyperspace Mountain and has some new Star Wars-related theming. Star Tours became Star Tours the Adventure Continues and has some pretty cool updates as well. If you haven’t been to the park in awhile but have been wanting to visit, now is an excellent time to go. School just started for most students and winter break is now over so if your not a person who is fond of waiting in line, this is your grand opportunity! I notice it starts to get really busy starting May (when kids are starting to get out of school, and families begin to go on their summer vacations). So between Feb-April is prime time for avoiding all the hectic-ness. Below I posted current park prices just to give you an idea of pricing. Keep in mind there is also deals sometimes with student discounts or triple A so be sure to do your research before actually purchasing.

-The prices in the left column are for children 9 and under and the prices in the right column are for everyone ages 10+

-Disneyland has times they consider as “peak” when its more expensive or “value” when its slow (cheaper ticket prices) so keep in mind ticket prices change on the daily

-Hopper ticket simply means you can have access to both parks

The price of a 1 Day ticket varies depending on when you’ll be visiting: Regular period, Value period or Peak period.
1 Day 1-Park Ticket – Value
1 Day 1-Park Ticket – Regular
1 Day 1-Park Ticket – Peak
1 Day Disneyland Hopper Ticket – Value
1 Day Disneyland Hopper Ticket – Regular
1 Day Disneyland Hopper Ticket – Peak

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