Found an Awesome Tour!

So after lots of researching and finally trying it for myself I finally found a tour that I think is worth trying for everyone in the Anaheim area. Recently I have been looking into tours that show you the most of SoCal without spending a ridiculous amount of money. I found a tour company called AMG Tours & Coach and took their Hollywood tour. (They also have universal studios tours if you are interested) they currently have a special so I only paid $55 for my ticket (including roundtrip transportation) which if you know anything about tours then you know that’s a pretty good price..especially being in the Disneyland area where naturally a lot of the prices you find are pretty expensive. This company is a small family owned business which I think made the tour more welcoming and hospitable and the driver was super engaged and knowledgable about the places we visited.  My favorite stop was Venice beach but we stopped off at other awesome places too like the Grove, Santa Monica, etc.. Anyways I really enjoyed this tour and if you are looking for a tour from Anaheim to the LA area then I suggest you try this tour company!!


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