Anaheim Packing House

If you are a foodie like me then this blog post will be your favorite one yet! The Anaheim packing house is fairly new and awesome to go see if you haven’t already. To compare, in my last post I talked about the farmers market at the Grove and the packing house is fairly similar to that. The main differences is that its indoors, two stories and has a more hipster vibe to it. There is a huge selection of stuff to try which is good especially if you’re going with people who all like different things. My friend works at rolling boil so visiting her is an excuse for me to go there haha. And if your into a dessert there is the crepe place downstairs which is absolutely amazing. If you try it out I highly suggest doing the D.I.Y. crepe with the sweetened and then you can add whatever goodies you want on top of that. They also have really good tea as well. Anyway if your into the more “hipsterish” stuff or simply like food like myself, go visit the Anaheim packing house. It’s pretty awesome (and crowded fyi) butttt i guarantee you will leave satisfied.

Anaheim Packing House Unknown-9


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