Exploring Los Angeles

Today my friends and I decided to do a little exploring outside the city of Anaheim and somehow ended up in the LA area. During our journey we ended up at the Grove which I can now say is one of my new favorite places. My parents took me a couple times when I was little but I didn’t remember my experience there so I wanted to visit it once again. From the random assortment of shops to cafes one could say I fell in love. My favorite place (besides the jaw-droppping beautiful totally unaffordable Topshop:)) was the farmers market. I love food in general but this farmers market was amazing because it broadened my knowledge of other food types..even things I have never heard of. It’s basically like the “it’s a small world” ride at Disneyland but with food..that’s honestly the best way to put it haha. After walking around not knowing which country’s food we were going to feast on, we all decided to eat at this cute thai place for lunch and the mango tea omygod. Don’t get me wrong the food was awesome but the mango tea was the best I have ever had and better yet it was $1.75 so you can bet that i got refills. If you ever stop at the farmers market at the Grove and see the cute little Thai restaurant with the yellow/orange/green themed set (I don’t remember the name) you MUST stop by for the mango tea you wont regret it.

P.S. the restaurant is in the back and there is only one Thai restaurant in there so it wont be hard to find

the grove
the grove

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